About Us

Hello, I’m Circuit B. 

Books, books, books – they are the only material things in this world that I desire. I’m prone to buying stacks of them before acquiring such essentials as food and clothing. But to ease your minds, I shall tell you these things: I remain fed. And clothed. (Don’t think I can’t hear those sighs of relief!)

I’ve always had a passion for teaching and for writing. I hope to be both an educator and an author someday.

In my spare time, I like to learn foreign languages (German is my favorite), practice karate, act on stage, and appreciate animated shows and films.

– Circuit B

Hello, I’m Circuit C.

I am a hardcore literary enthusiast, cinemaphile, and wearer of aviator glasses. I tend to spend my time reading, writing, painting, admiring Hunter S. Thompson, and trying to learn how to use a variety of cameras. My goal in life is to eventually work in film and video, so that I can propagate my strange ideas more fully. I am also sort of/kind of an amateur dabbler in paints and letters, and generally bedabbled by paint (and letters, if today’s menu is alphabet soup). Otherwise, I love books, I love art, I love arthouse cinema, and I love cartoons, horror movies, and online shows. I see no reason for there to be any separation in this.

I am also the voice of a small anti-Grammar Nazi group, The Grammar Communists. (Check us out on facebook!)

Bantering over brandy and embracing mild dysgraphia,

Circuit C (cheers)

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